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DMC synthetics

Added by Tammy Bravo over 10 years ago. Updated over 10 years ago.

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might require getting a suggestion from Chad, as it might be due to a web services change:
The station selection process using the map of random stations now pulls in synthetic as well as real stations, and I got a synthetic station about 2-3 times more often than a real one. I think the _REALTIME virtual network avoids the synthetics, but I'm not positive.


#1 Updated by Kevin Frechette over 10 years ago

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I looked through the web services documentation and the only option to filter the station selection that I could fine is whether results should include information relating to restricted channels (includerestricted) where the default value of true is currently used.

You can see if the synthetic stations are considered restricted and can be filtered as such by using a URL such as:

Otherwise we will need to ask Chad.

#2 Updated by Kevin Frechette over 10 years ago

I found an example of a synthetic station: SY_BBSR_S1_LXZ
I could not find any reason why synthetics such as this would be excluded with the old web services.
I see no way of filtering synthetics with the URL. The only easy way that I can think of to avoid synthetics would be to hard code the station criteria to ignore any networks or stations that are known to only contains synthetics.

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