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Supporting additional devices?

Added by Tammy Bravo over 10 years ago. Updated over 8 years ago.

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What is needed to support additional devices?


#1 Updated by Kevin Frechette over 10 years ago

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I believe you can run the Device Creator (java -cp jAmaseis.jar edu.iris.epo.jamaseis.device.DeviceCreator) to create new devices.

#2 Updated by Kevin Frechette over 10 years ago

The following information is needed for the serial communications to the device:
  • baud rate (data rate in bits per second)
  • data bits (number of data bits in each character)
  • data terminal ready (DTR on or off)
  • data threshold (minimum number of characters buffered before we say data is available, normally 1)
  • flow control (method to pause and resume the transmission of data)
  • maximum value (the maximum value a sample value can have)
  • parity (error detection)
  • sample interval (the time in seconds in between each sample)
  • shut down string (text characters to send to the device on shut down)
  • start up string (text characters to send to the device at start up)
  • stop bits (number of bits at the end of every character)
  • zero value (the value subtracted from all sample values read)

#3 Updated by Kevin Frechette about 10 years ago

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Are we adding more devices now or is this issue resolved?

#4 Updated by Tammy Bravo almost 10 years ago

We will be adding support for a few in the near future. I will collect the required information prior.

#5 Updated by Kevin Frechette over 8 years ago

There is a utility program included in jAmaSeis installation for this, you need to enter in the device characteristics and it will generate a file that we can add to the distribution.

A screenshot of the program may be found here:

To run the program you can use the following command from the directory containing jAmaseis.jar:

java -cp jAmaseis.jar edu.iris.epo.jamaseis.device.DeviceCreator

It would be best for someone that has the device to test the configuration with this utility to ensure that it works.

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