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Added by Mea Edmunds almost 10 years ago. Updated almost 10 years ago.

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Hi Derick, here is a list of style suggestions/issues. Low priority, but I'm listing them as I notice them.
Thank you for removing the login page and please let everyone know that the the map overview of the 3-D array for
TANGSHAN experiment is really nice.

1. We should determine who are the target clients who will be using this form. If it is exclusively for data users,
I think the request form is too ambitious, offering too many request options, most of which would not interest
a data requester. Can we streamline this?
2. Maybe the front page should be limited to just Event Order (Time or Event ID) with a "more options" for the other options. I think more
users would want data by array coordinates or time than by das number.
3. I'm having troubling discerning the difference between the data I get asking by Event Order and/or Event ID.
4. The data autofill is nice, but cumbersome going back and forth between pages. The original bi-fold style request form was
much easier to use in that all the information was at hand. The show/hide feature would be very effective on a bi-fold.
5. Map features:
SHOTS: Nicely shows the shot explosions. Can Kg be converted to show displacement in magnitude? Got any mathematicians around?
STATION: station info in the rollovers seem mostly instrument-centric. Sensor type is good, but we need more general info like lat/long/depth/elevation too
6. If an experiment does not have plotting coordinates it would be better to disable the map feature for those datasets rather than just show a globe. or maybe a
note across the globe, saying "map not available"

  • Already mentioned style issues:
    Output of log file should be email sent to the user with only an ending banner page mentioning the 10 minute data arrival, etc. Could you add a "go back to ph5 list" option and/or a close.
    The Name field rollover on the form, directs the user to enter his/her institution.


#1 Updated by Derick Hess almost 10 years ago

These look like good ideas. Anything we can do to simplify and streamline the form will help the end users.

#2 Updated by Derick Hess almost 10 years ago

  • Estimated time set to 20.00 h

Starting work on these changes.

#3 Updated by Derick Hess almost 10 years ago

the first test form is available at:
It should contain all the functionality of the form, though I'm not sure it will submit correctly since this for evaluating the layout.

#4 Updated by Mea Edmunds almost 10 years ago

Thank you! The new form looks good and I think will be much easier for users. I'll test and
add refining comments later, but I especially like the "advance options" pull down.

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