Bug #609

Refactor JMS usage logging to use updated dmc-usage-log library

Added by Mike Stults over 9 years ago. Updated about 9 years ago.

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Replace older StatsWrite library and dmc utilities dependency with newer, streamlined dmc-usage-log library for JMS usage logging. Also remove an unused argument, "duration" from call stack.


#1 Updated by Mike Stults over 9 years ago

Ready for test, should be no change in functionality, some additional info logs should show up in dataselect.log for startup and shutdown of JMS.

#2 Updated by Robert Weekly over 9 years ago

For testing, I deployed a 1.1.8 version of WSS and a 1.1.9 version of WSS, ran a simple GET request, and shutdown the Tomcat server. I then compared the dataselect.log file from each WSS version.

The bolded lines below are ONLY seen in the ver 1.1.9 dataselect.log, and appear to be related to the dmc-usage-log library. Please confirm that the classes JmsMessageSender, WebLogService, and LoggerUtils are part of this library. If so, this bug can be closed.

2014-10-27 17:18:18,169 INFO ProcessStreamingOutput - NEW CMD[/Users/rtweekly/apache_tomcat/tomcat/bin/, --endtime, 2010-01-01T00:01:00, --starttime, 2010-01-01T00:00:00, --station, ANMO, --channel, BHZ, --network, IU]
2014-10-27 17:18:38,198 INFO ProcessStreamingOutput - Killit ran
2014-10-27 17:18:38,198 ERROR ProcessStreamingOutput - stopProcess called for timeout or exception, an error message is being appended to the output stream before killing the handler.
2014-10-27 17:18:38,199 INFO ProcessStreamingOutput - Stopping process, and waiting with delay: 100
2014-10-27 17:18:38,199 INFO ProcessStreamingOutput - writeNormal done: Wrote 22 bytes processingTime: 20030 timeNotBlocking: 9
2014-10-27 17:18:38,207 INFO JmsMessageSender - providerURL: file:///Users/rtweekly/apache_tomcat/opt/jndi/
2014-10-27 17:18:38,209 INFO WebLogService - UsageLogQueues are activated in logService...
2014-10-27 17:18:38,209 INFO LoggerUtils - webLogService init succeeded
2014-10-27 17:18:38,299 INFO ProcessStreamingOutput - Process terminated, exit code: 143
2014-10-27 17:18:45,041 INFO WebLogService - UsageLogQueues are destroyed by shutdown. logService!
2014-10-27 17:18:45,046 INFO JmsMessageSender - JmsQueueWorker thread exiting

#3 Updated by Mike Stults over 9 years ago

Confirmed, JmsMessageSender, WebLogService, and LoggerUtils are part of the library.

#4 Updated by Mike Stults about 9 years ago

  • Status changed from New to Closed

Complete and tested

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