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Added by Mea Edmunds over 9 years ago. Updated almost 9 years ago.

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Hi Derick,
I requested ph5 data yesterday for a restricted data set and
1. Did not receive notice to download data
2. Did not receive data
3. The dmc did not receive a file notifying us of a request to be inserted into our db table.

Any progress on these bugs?
Thanks Mea


#1 Updated by Derick Hess over 9 years ago

I suspect it had an error and hung up. I'll check it out as soon as I can. I'm in Botswana right now for the SEISORZ experiment. I should have some time to work on everything ina few days while the teams are deploying.

#2 Updated by Mea Edmunds over 9 years ago

Hi Derick and Happy New Year.

The issues listed in bug report 636 above are still unresolved and really affect requests for ph5 data.
Some of the restricted ph5 datasets were to become available in 2014 and more will be released in 2015.

Any chance that you can work on these issues? Please let me know if there is anything that the dmc
can do to facilitate these corrections.


#3 Updated by Derick Hess over 9 years ago

I'm in the process of rewriting some of the code as well as adding a reports tab to the interface. Look for a large update coming friday or monday. I'm not sure what happened on that request. it never showed up in the database. The update coming will have a new back end you or I can log in to that will show a quick overview of request from the last week as well as their status and if any are processing where they are in the process.

I originally had the code set up to check license files and automatically change their status when the were to become unrestricted but it was determined it shouldn't do that. If the license files are manually changed from restricted to unrestricted it should pick that up and change it accordingly. IN other news I just received the report for seisorz and have all the PH5 data ready so I'll be uploading that experiment soon.


#4 Updated by Mea Edmunds about 9 years ago

Hi Derick,
The issues listed above remain unresolved. We are unable to deliver ph5 data to users. Also the ph5 server has been
down for over 3 weeks with a full disk. Please let us know if we can help in any way to resolve these issues.


#5 Updated by Derick Hess about 9 years ago

I have finally found a way to solve. the space issue. It was made particularly difficult because all the data requests are made through a web form by the apache user so my PIC user account has no way of modifying or deleting those files and we do not have permission to run the remove commands with sudo. The web form should be back online within the hour. Probably within the next few minutes.

#6 Updated by Derick Hess almost 9 years ago

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