Bug #715

Can converter put in a default "unknown" value for <sensor> if not given one in stationXML

Added by Ellen Yu almost 9 years ago. Updated almost 9 years ago.

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For digital SOH channels, SIS writes no <sensor> for a channel, but provides a <logger>.

The dataless created with the converter downstream is having issues with PDCC.

Can the converter be modified to accommodate if no <sensor> element is given? We believe that this is the proper way to describe such a channel in FDSN StationXML.

If so, what time estimate to you give for making a change?

If not, please suggest what we should put in the FDSN StationXML sensor element. But realize that if we do need to put something there, that might have consequences for going in the opposite direction
(dataless to FDSNStationXML)


#1 Updated by Chad Trabant almost 9 years ago

In the general case of no Sensor::Type element in the input, we will change the converter to include a blockette with description of "UNKNOWN".

As with the calibration units and other things that are required in SEED but optional in StationXML will are planning to fill in a blank entry with "UNKNOWN".

#2 Updated by Chad Trabant almost 9 years ago

As we have moved the sensor description information to Sensor::Description this logic changes to:

If converting from StationXML -> dataless SEED and no Sensor::Description is present the output dataless should put "UNKNOWN" in the blockette 52, field 6 "instrument identifier".

#3 Updated by Chad Trabant almost 9 years ago

The Sensor::Description value in this XML:

should be retained if the XML is converted to dataless SEED and back to XML again.

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