Feature #824

Add new configuration parameter to designate which user parameter is for media control

Added by Mike Stults about 8 years ago. Updated over 6 years ago.

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Currently the user parameter "format" is used to allow specification of the output data media type. For backward compatibility, the user parameter "output" can also be used for the same thing. In order to allow customization for an application that wants to use a different term, add an endpoint configuration parameter, like "mediaParameter" that lets the administrator specify any user parameter. If "mediaParameter" is not specified, the default would still be "format"


#1 Updated by Mike Stults over 7 years ago

Implementation plan
- the property "mediaParameter" is enabled on a per endpoint basis
- when not present, the default value for mediaParameter is "format"
- the desired name to control media format must always be set in param.cfg, even if it is defined in mediaParameter (no special handling for mediaParameter name)

- for POST data input, WSS currently accepts "output" or "format" which causes the creation of respective command line parameters, which then can set media type
- - now only the value of mediaParameter is used to check POST input for return media type

- As before
- - "format" must be defined in param.cfg, or else a "No type defined... " exception will be thrown
- - if "output" is desired, it may be defined as an alias, or use mediaParameter to replace "format"

- WSS currently allows return media type to be set by both "output" and "format", with last one winning as determined by hash code order
- - now only the single name specified by mediaParameter will be used to set media type

#2 Updated by Mike Stults over 7 years ago

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git commit -m "issue 824, add new property mediaParameter to allow setting of alternate names for format, also adjusted POST data checking to use mediaParameter rather than hardcoded names format and output"
[master d7fcb6f]

#3 Updated by Mike Stults over 6 years ago

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