Feature #541

Updated by Rob Newman almost 10 years ago

Hi Derrick,

Thanks for you attentive responses to the questions we have had. We
would like to start testing the ph5 interface more comprehensively,
and here are the things we would like to see. I have split them into
three groups for simplicity:

# feature requests,
# bugs, and
# APIs

h3. h1. (1) Feature Requests:

* Is there the ability to have a top-level web page that has a map of all the ph5 experiments that allowed a user to click on to get to the form for an experiment?
* Is there an entry point (semantic URL) to get straight to an experiment number, like we have with the current interface, eg:
* Can the display of what experiment (nickname, report num) you are requesting be passed to the request form and data selection tabs?
* Can emails that go out to the user be sent more often (cron run every minute)?
* We need notification when request fails. Please send to, for now.

h3. h1. (2) Bugs:

* Email sent to our stats program (currently send to Sandy) has empty @.LABEL@ line
* Type of request needs set field as PH5 in the email we receive to interface with our request tables (archreq, etc)
* Why doesn't the map (Google Earth) zoom in to where the stations are located (i.e. use the station lat/lon to create a map scaled to the bounding box)?
* When restricted data is requested, the extraction happens even if the user doesn’t have access. An email is received later denying access. Can the check on restriction be done and displayed immediately in the web page without an
extraction if the user doesn’t have access.

h3. h1. (3) APIs:

* Documentation on how to invoke the standardized FDSN web services calls to return shot point locations and receiver stations in StationXML format
* An example URL that does not require a login and shows how the FDSN web services are exposed.
** You can see how we have done that for the FDSNWS station service "here":
** "The resultant URL that returns the data in StationXML format":,BH*&starttime=1997-06-07T01:00:00&endtime=2011-06-07T07:00:00&level=station&format=xml&nodata=404

Let us know if you have any questions about this.

Please let us know when new software is in place and what has been fixed.

Warm regards,
- Rob N

CC: Tim, Rick, Sandy, Mea