JRG, the RG Seismic Processing System for Java: JRG-Viewmat Now at Zenodo

Added by John Louie almost 3 years ago

The open-source JRG-VIewmat RG Seismic Processing System for Java is now archived and maintained at Zenodo. The archive has the latest version of the Java source codes, and compiled Java .class files.
The citation for the software is:
Louie, John N. (2020, February 2). JRG, the Resource Geology Seismic Processing System for Java, and Viewmat (Version 4.5.1). Zenodo. . cites all versions.
Additional software by John Louie is available from .

Web Service Shell: Web Service Shell 2.4 Release

Added by Mike Stults about 6 years ago

New features include
- relaxed-validation mode so that handler parameters can be changed slightly without redeploying the service
- the ability to create an IP white list per endpoint
- if errors occur while reading configuration files, continue to process respective files to facilitate problem resolution

Bug fixes include
- correcting the order of output fields in usage log output
- enable corsEnabled property for error handling in the same way as successful queries
- re-enable operation with Glassfish 4.x server

Please see the main documentation on the Wiki page for a complete list of changes.

Web Service Fetch scripts: FetchData 2017.164 released

Added by Chad Trabant over 6 years ago

  • Allow end time specification to be an offset relative to the start time in the pattern #.#[SMHD], e.g. "30m", "1h", "2D", etc.
  • Allow -F option to accept a list of data centers that is passed to the Federator to limit the response to specific centers. A list of data center identifiers is avaialable (in JSON) here:
  • Turn off verification of hostname and other SSL certificate checks to allow usage with HTTPS web services on hosts that do not have a Certificate Authority certs for use by to the Perl subsystem.
  • Add more details to help message if -h is specified more than once. Relegate lesser used options to the extended help and add more details of federation usage and specification of alternate WS endpoints.

libmseed: libmseed 2.18 released

Added by Chad Trabant about 7 years ago

Highlights of changes:

  • Support for much larger range of sample rates. Outside of the range 32767 to 1/32767 integer sample rates are approximated whenever possible.
  • Rewrite of all decoding and encoding routines to replace those used from qlib2, now the entire project is LGPL licensed.

ChangeLog since 2.17:

        - Remove limitation on sample rate before calling ms_genfactmult()
        in the normal path of packing records.  Previously generating the
        factor and multiplier was not attempted for rates higher than
        - ms_genfactmult() now support a much larger range of integer
        sample rates and periods.
        - ms_genfactmult() now sets the factor and multiplier using the
        SECONDS/SAMPLE notation for sample rates less than 1.0 to retain
        precision for low rates.
        - ms_genfactmult() now assumes the specified rate is a sample
        period in seconds if the samprate value is negative.
        - Add ms_rsqrt64() as a general use reciprocal sqrt for doubles.
        - Use memcpy() instead of assignment when unpacking float32 and
        float64 samples to avoid problems with NaN's.  Thanks Lion Krischer.
        - Add test for reading records without Blockette 1000.
        - Reformat all source code using included clang-format profile.
        - A more elegant sanity check for output length in packing by mbyt.
        - Improvements for test suite, more consistency.
        - Remove msr_decode_steim? from libmseed.def, they are internal.
        - Add sanity to length check before memset calls in packing functions.
        - Check for environment variables ENCODE_DEBUG and DECODE_DEBUG
        and set debugging output, at this point it is Steim frame details
        and differences being encoded/decoded.
        - Fix padding in steim[12] encoding routines.
        - Remove unneeded output buffer checks in steim[12] decoding routines.
        - Replace data sample packing and unpacking routines from qlib2 with
        new routines developed from scratch.  All code is now LGPL licensed.
        - Add test suite with tests for encoding, decoding, parsing, etc.
        - Update licensing to GNU-LGPL version 3 and include (L)GPL licenses
        in LICENSE.txt.
        - Define needed C99 int types for MSVC 2012 or earlier.  Previously
        this was only done for versions earlier than MSVC 2010.

Web Service Shell: Web Service Shell 2 Released

Added by Mike Stults over 7 years ago

Web Service Shell version 2 is a major update that adds the capability to define multiple endpoints and adds more flexibility in naming services. Incremental improvements include adding a new logging method and more consistent error messages. The core concept of providing a web service that can be configured via simple properties files to utilize external resources remains the same.

New Features

- Configure multiple, arbitrary endpoints. Previously, only one endpoint, “query” was provided. Now it is possible to define multiple endpoints and define endpoint names by configuration. Each endpoint may have its own list of supported media types and may include static or dynamic HTTP response header adjustments.

- The web service naming convention (and URL path) has been generalized to support simple or multi-level naming conventions while still supporting the original, three level FDSN standard of “/fdsnws/<service>/<majorversion>/“

- Endpoints that return content proxied from other resources (e.g. files or other endpoints) are supported. In version 1, only one endpoint, “application.wadl” was available to deliver XML content. In version 2, multiple proxy endpoints may be configured, along with respective media types. Also, endpoint “application.wadl” may be removed if it is not needed.

- A new loggingMethod to support RabbitMQ has been added.

- Time values in usage log messages are standardized to UTC time so that time is not affected by other system settings.

- Version 2 has improved consistency for error messages

- A few unused parameters are removed

Changes needed for upgrading a service from version 1 to version 2

- Configuration file naming conventions have changed slightly to support generalized service naming capability.

- Additional syntax is used to define endpoints plus their respective parameters see WSS 2.2 Documentation at for details on naming conventions and configuration parameter changes.

SeismicCanvas: New Version (0.9)

Added by Glenn Kroeger almost 8 years ago

Binaries are posted for the latest version (0.9) of Seismic Canvas. This is the last beta version before 1.0RC is released in January. Binaries are now available for both 32 and 64 bit Windows and some Linux distros.

Web Service Shell: WSS 1.1.9 Release Notes

Added by Robert Weekly about 8 years ago

  • Issue 633 - Added a check for non-zero exit code from the command line handler after stdout is closed. Also added error text to stdout stream if a non-zero exit code is encountered.
  • Issue 631 - In the service parameter configuration file (servicename-1-param.cfg), the parameter aliases has been added to more easily define short-hand versions of parameter names (i.e. net/network). These identical parameters no longer need to be defined separately in the parameter configuration file.
  • Issue 607 - In the service configuration file (servicename-1-service.cfg), the parameter outputType has been replaced with outputTypes and now determines the MIME type returned to the HTTP header.
  • Issue 606 - Various fixes to logging messages and content.

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