ringserver-2015.182 released

Added by Chad Trabant about 9 years ago

Mostly refinements and bug-fixes, this release contains one significant operator feature: the new MaxClientsPerIP parameter enforces a limit of connections per IP address.

Full change list:

        - Dynamically allocate record buffer for use in slclient.c:HandleInfo()
        in order guarantee that it is properly aligned for the host architecture.
        Thanks Doug Neuhauser for identifying this issue (under Solaris x86).

        - Update pcre to 8.37.
        - Add 'MaxClientsPerIP' config parameter and -M command line option to
        enforce a maximum number of connections per IP address.  The limit does
        not apply to addresses with write permission.  Default is no per-IP maximum.
        - Copy pcre/pcre_chartables.c.dist to pcre/pcre_chartables.c to avoid
        symbolic link problems on, for example, Cygwin.

        - Update libmseed to 2.16m.
        - Restart listening server threads (SeedLink and DataLink) without
        initializing the server socket when the socket is already set up.
        - Continue accept()ing new connections and do not exit if the accept()
        returns an error of ECONNABORTED or EINTR.  These errors are
        non-critical and should not cause the listening thread to exit.
        - InitServerSocket(): close socket on error return from setsockopt() to
        avoid leaving an open socket in that error condition.
        Thanks to Doug Neuhauser for reporting and suggesting above fixes.
        - Close corrupt ring buffer file when performing autorecovery in 
        all cases.