• SeisCode

    One-stop shopping for the seismological community; click here to access tutorials and learn more about SeisCode.

  • AmaSeis

    Summary: An IRIS program to acquire seismometer data ...

  • AmaSeis source code

    The source code for AmaSeis, a program to retrieve data from the AS-1 and other seismometers. The code is written in C/C++ using Borland Object Windows Library (OWL) circa 1997.

  • ascii2mseed

    Convert simple ASCII data to miniSEED format.

  • CliffsNodes.PShSv

    Summary: Plotting Nodal Lines for P, Sh, and Sv ...

  • CWPAR-Clipped Waveform Pickup and Restoration

    CWPAR is a Matlab tool to pick up the clipped seismic waveform and then restore the waveform using POCS method.

  • dataselect

    dataselect is now hosted on GitHub: ...

  • Earth-Motion-Monitor Application (EMMA)

    Summary: Display Seismograms from BUD and POND Seismogram Servers ...

  • Earthworm

    Earthworm is the most widely used seismic data acquisition and automatic earthquake processing software for regional seismic networks. Operates on Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X, and Windows.


    EMERALD is a complete open-source software server-based system for processing large sets of event based seismic data.


    Electromagnetic Transfer Functions File Conversion Utilities (EMTF FCU), (C) 2007-2018 Anna Kelbert, is a set of routines written in Fortran 90 that is intended to allow conversion between the commonly used electromagnetic transfer function file formats: ...

  • EqLocate

    Summary: An IRIS interactive program to locate earthquakes using P-wave arrivals ...

  • FDSN StationXML-SEED Converter

    A tool to convert seismological metadata between Dataless SEED and FDSN StationXML file formats.

  • Web Service Shell

    The Web Service Shell (WSS) is a web service that can be configured via simple properties files to utilize external resources (either command line programs or Java classes) to fulfill the web service requests.

  • Filter Picker

    A general purpose, broad-band, phase detector and picker which is applicable to real-time seismic monitoring and earthquake early-warning.

  • focmec

    Summary: Package for determining and displaying earthquake focal mechanisms.

  • FuncLab (revised)

    FuncLab comprises a set of tools built within the MATLAB environment to analyze receiver functions (Eagar and Fouch, 2012; Porritt and Miller 2017). In this second release of FuncLab, tools are available for P-to-S receiver function analysis.

  • Geoflow

    View real-time seismic streams directly in the browser on any device, including mobiles. No other software required for the client side.

  • gse2mseed

    Convert GSE 2.x and IMS 1.0 time series data to miniSEED.

  • iaspei-tau

    Summary: Software for constructing iaspei91 and ak135 travel time tables ...

  • iLoc


  • IRIS DMC Noise Toolkit

    This project is now hosted under GitHub ...

  • IRIS ini4j

    Java library for handling Windows ini file format. Additionally, the library includes Java Preferences API implementation based on the .ini file.

  • IRIS Supported Software

    Here is a list of software developed and maintained at the IRIS DMC, along with links to where more information can be found about each.

    • evalresp

      Evaluate response information and output to ASCII files using SEED RESP files.

    • irisFetch

      The Matlab library IRISFETCH allows seamless access to data stored within the IRIS-DMC as well as other data centers that implement FDSN web services. Routines are provided to access event (earthquake) information, station metadata, and time series data.

    • Java Web Service Library (IRIS-WS)

      The IRIS-WS Library is a Java API that allows direct access to data and information at the DMC from within your programs.

    • JEvalResp

      Java version of evalresp, which evaluates response information and output to ASCII files using rdseed produced RESP files ...

    • JPlotResp

      Graphically-oriented Java program for processing and plotting the response information from RESP files ...

    • Jreadseed

      A Java port of our classic rdseed application developed by ISTI.

    • JWEED

      JWEED is a Java client that is compatible with the web services offered at IRIS DMC and data centers supporting the FDSN Web Services protocol.

    • libmseed

      libmseed is now hosted on GitHub: ...

    • mseed2sac

      A program to convert miniSEED data to SAC format.

    • PDCC

      Portable Data Collection Center (PDCC) is a toolkit allowing seismic network operators to store and manage seismic instrument metadata and waveform data in SEED format.

    • rdseed

      Known Issues: rdseed 5.3.1 is the current release and has four primary issues that IRIS DMC staff are looking into.

    • ringserver

      A generic ring buffer and a SeedLink server ...

      • ew2ringserver

        The ew2ringserver program collects data from an Earthworm ring and sends the data to a ringserver.

      • ewexport2ringserver

        The ewexport2ringserver program collects data from an Earthworm export process and sends the data to a ringserver.

      • orb2ringserver

        Releases are available for download at: ...

    • verseed

      Used to verify SEED volumes ...

  • IRIS Unsupported Software

    Parent project for all unsupported software that is hosted at the IRIS Data Management Center ...

  • jAmaSeis

    jAmaSeis facilitates the study of seismological concepts in middle school through introductory undergraduate classrooms. jAmaSeis allows users to obtain data in real-time from either a local instrument or from remote stations.

  • JAVA version of PITSA (JPITSA)

    Summary: System for doing digital signal seismic processing ...

  • Jlibdali

    The Java version of the DataLink client library ...

  • JRG, the RG Seismic Processing System for Java

    JRG is a basic seismic reflection and image processing package with portable graphics, instant record animation, 3-d and crooked-line capabilities, SEG-Y and sound file I/O, and a convenient GUI that runs on any machine.

  • LiveSeismo

    Seismic Artificial Intelligence.

  • MA-CME, the ModelAssembler Community Seismic Modeling Environment

    ModelAssembler is an open-source, Java-based velocity-model gridding code that can integrate scattered and heterogeneous geophysical data sets.

  • MacJavaUtils

    Mac Java Utility methods ...

  • mars2mseed

    Convert MARS 88/lite time series data to miniSEED ...

  • miniSEED Inspector (msi)

    The miniSEED inspector parses and reports details from SEED formatted data records ...

  • mseed2ascii

    Convert miniSEED data to simple ASCII format.

  • msmod

    A general purpose tool for modifying miniSEED records.

  • NonLinLoc

    Probabilistic, Non-Linear, Global-Search Earthquake Location in 3D Media.

  • NRL

    Nominal Response Library - RESP data for sensors and dataloggers.

  • obspyDMT

    obspyDMT (obspy Data Management Tool) is a command line tool for retrieving, processing and management of seismological datasets in a fully automatic way.

  • OregonDSP

    Summary: A Basic Collection of FIR and IIR Digital Filters ...

  • PH5

    PH5 is the IRIS PASSCAL Instrument Center recommended archival format for active, passive, and mixed source seismological data sets.

  • Pisces

    A practical seismological database library in Python.


    Summary: System for doing digital signal seismic processing ...

  • POD

    POD is used for building full SEED.

  • PQLX

    PQLX (PASSCAL Quick Look eXtended) is open-source software for evaluating seismic station performance and data quality.

  • Raytrace3D

    Summary: Implements raytracing in an isotropic medium described by a set of velocity nodes, with the nodes being organized into adjoining tetrahedra.

  • recfunk09_pick

    Summary: An update to the recfunk_ascii code, this version has been adapted to the Mac OS X and G77 compiler.

  • recfunk_ascii

    Summary: Transforms a collection of 3-component SAC-format seismograms into ASCII tables of 2-component receiver functions (radial and transverse).

  • rescode.f

    Summary: Calculation of instrument responses at IRIS/IDA stations ...

  • rfsyn

    Summary: Computes a receiver-function for a stack of anisotropic layers over an isotropic halfspace, via a reflectivity algorithm, assuming a plane wave incident from below ...

  • RXTXcomm

    This is a fork of the RXTX library with bug fixes.

  • sac2midi

    sac2midi sonifies SAC files into a MIDI file for musical display ...

  • sac2mseed

    Convert SAC time series data to miniSEED format.

  • sac2wav

    sac2wav converts SAC files into a WAV file for audio playback.

  • sacdump

    A simple program written in C to dump (print) the contents of SAC files ...

  • SeedCodec

    SeedCodec is a collection of compression and decompression routines for standard seismic data formats in Java.

  • seisan2mseed

    Convert SEISAN time series data to miniSEED format ...

  • SeisFile

    SeisFile is a library for reading and writing seismic file formats in java.

  • SeisGram2K

    SeisGram2K is an easy-to-use, platform-independent, Java software package for interactive visualization and analysis of earthquake seismograms. SeisGram2K runs and reads data files locally and over the Internet.

  • Seismic Analysis Code (SAC)

    Seismic Analysis Code (SAC) is a general purpose waveform analysis and processing application.

  • Seismic Eruption

    Seismic/Eruption runs in a PC Windows environment. It displays maps of many portions of the world and displays earthquakes and volcanic eruptions in speeded-up time. You can generate your own maps interactively.

  • Seismic Waves

    Seismic Waves runs under MS-Windows on PCs. It illustrates how earthquake waves propagate through the earth. The user can select from one of several earthquakes distributed with the program. New events can be easily added.

  • SeismicityViewer

    The Seismicity Viewer is a Java program for interactive viewing of earthquake locations in a 3D space.

  • Seismographs In Schools

    IRIS's Seismographs in Schools Program serves teachers across the country and around the world using seismic instruments or real-time seismic data in K-16 classrooms.

  • Seismometry

    Software and texts for seismometer design, calibration, and testing. The website also offers some texts in theoretical seismology.

  • seisplotjs

    Javascript modules for parsing, manipulating and plotting seismic data, including access to FDSN web services.

  • SeisTomoPy

    SeisTomoPy: Fast visualization, comparison and calculations in global tomographic models ...

  • SFT

    Command line tools based on IRIS web services ...

  • SOD

    SOD is a program that automates tedious data selection, downloading, and routine processing tasks in seismology. It allows you to define your desired data based on earthquakes, recording stations, and the resulting combination of information.

  • Synthetic Seismogram Service

    Development of a synthetic seismogram service based on...

  • TauP

    The TauP Toolkit is a seismic travel time calculator. In addition to travel times, it can calculate derivative information such as ray paths through the earth, pierce and turning points.

  • The simplest project

    displays really neat stuff ...

  • MUSTANG Reports and Supplements

    This is a subproject meant to allow visibility to MUSTANG developments.

  • Trace DSP

    This program has moved to GitHub: ...

  • Web Service Fetch scripts

    This project has been moved to the following location: ...

  • Parameter Estimation and Inverse Problems Example Code and Associated Subroutines

    This is a compilation of inverse and parameter estimation code that accompanies the second edition of the textbook "Parameter Estimation and Inverse Problems", by R. Aster, B. Borchers, and C. Thurber.

  • FuncLab

    FuncLab comprises a set of tools built within the MATLAB environment to analyze receiver functions (Eagar and Fouch, 2012). In this first release of FuncLab, tools are available for P-to-S receiver function analysis.


    Multiple interactive codes to view and analyze seismic data, via spectrum analysis, wavelet transforms, particle motion, hodograms. Includes general time-series tools, plotting, filtering, interactive display.

  • Seismic Handler

    The Seismic Handler software package is a seismic waveform analysis tool. There is an interactive part (Motif version) for observatory purposes (e.g. daily routine analysis) and a command line version for scientific research.

  • SeismicCanvas

    SeismicCanvas: a cross-platform, graphically interactive application for accessing, viewing and analyzing waveform data ...

  • ObsPy

    ObsPy - a Python framework for seismological observatories.


    AIMBAT (Automated and Interactive Measurement of Body-wave Arrival Times) is an open-source software package for efficiently measuring teleseismic body wave arrival times for large seismic arrays (Lou et al., 2013).

  • ANISOtime

    ANISOtime is a utility package for computing travel times of seismic waves in a laterally homogeneous, transversely isotropic (TI), spherically symmetric medium.

  • ATaCR

    Automated Tilt and Compliance Removal for ocean bottom seismometers ...

  • DesktopJavaUtils

    Desktop Java Utility methods ...

  • EarthGrid

    Earth Grid is a seismic activity plotting program. The code analysis data inputs and monitors any anomalies in seismic activity. The built-in warning mechanism makes it possible to initialize evacuation procedures before-hand.

  • Station Analysis Tools

    Command line tools to compute power spectral densities, coherence, pole-zero responses, and probability density functions such as PQLX or IRIS Quack.

  • NanoseismicSuite

    The NanoseismicSuite consists of different Java modules for waveform data processing, event detection and event localization. It is specialized for large continuous seismological datasets with many stations and low-SNR events.

  • OBSrange

    OBSrange is a robust, efficient, open-source OBS location code available in both MATLAB and Python. ...

  • OregonDSP.js

    Javascript port of the really nice OregonDSP package, translated from java to Kotlin and then transpiled to javascript.

  • PRESTo Early Warning System

    PRESTo is a free and open source software platform for Earthquake Early Warning.

  • Recfunk21

    The latest distribution of Recfunk codes for computation of receiver functions and harmonic decomposition analysis.

  • RFeditor

    RFeditor is a tool for quality control (data selection) for teleseismic receiver functions, working on waveform data stored in Antelope database tables. It was written in C++, heavily utilizing seismic data handling functions in SEISPP.

  • simpledali

    Datalink in pure python.

  • simplemseed

    mseed3 read and write in pure python ...


    YASEIS: Yet Another code to calculate synthetic SEISmograms for multi-layered spherical isotropic Earth model.

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