Automated Tilt and Compliance Removal for ocean bottom seismometers

ATaCR is a set of scripts written in MATLAB designed to facilitate standard tilt and compliance noise corrections at ocean bottom seismometers (OBS). It includes an automated quality control system designed to avoid transients when calculating transfer functions. Corrections can be calculated using either daily-average transfer functions where noise properties change over time, or using average transfer functions for a station's entire deployment. These scripts also facilitate analysis of noise properties (for both OBS and traditional seismometers), such as seasonal variability, power spectral density functions, atmospheric and oceanic tilt properties, microseism peaks, and more.

Key features:
  • Compatible with IRISFETCH MATLAB scripts to download time series data.
  • Basic preprocessing steps (response removal, downsampling, gain adjustments).
  • Calculation of daily power spectra and cross spectra for different components at a seismometer with quality control to avoid time windows with transients.
  • Calculation of average power spectra and cross spectra for a given station over an entire deployment window.
  • Calculation of transfer functions for standard tilt and compliance analysis (e.g. Crawford and Webb, 2000; Bell et al., 2014)
  • Calculation of tilt and compliance corrected oceanic seismic data, which then can be used in traditional seismic analysis methods.
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  • Category: Data Processing
  • Language: MATLAB
  • Keywords:

    ATaCR, OBS, tilt, compliance, ocean bottom seismometer, noise, spectra, seismometers, MATLAB

  • Citation:

    Janiszewski, HA, JB Gaherty, GA Abers, H Gao, ZC Eilon, Amphibious surface-wave phase-velocity measurements of the Cascadia subduction zone, Geophysical Journal International, Volume 217, Issue 3, June 2019, Pages 1929–1948,


Manager: Helen Janiszewski