Earthworm is the most widely used seismic data acquisition and automatic earthquake processing software for regional seismic networks. Operates on Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X, and Windows.

Earthworm provides users with an advanced open source seismic data acquisition and processing software package for generating automated earthquake locations and magnitudes. Over 150 institutions have registered installations of Earthworm for collecting all of their seismic data and producing automated earthquake locations. The Earthworm system is a robust and mature software tool, with almost 20 years of development and design (started in 1993); written in the C programming language Earthworm has been designed with a layered approach to allow it to run on any platform (including Windows). Numerous wrappers have been written around Earthworm to provide higher level post-processing of Earthquake data (e.g. AQMS, EarlyBird, etc). In addition to seismology, Earthworm's data acquisition and management capabilities have been used for other waveform technologies, including Infra-sound, Geomagnetic, and Atmospheric measurements. While Earthworm is completely Open Source, there are also several providers of commercial support for Earthworm as well (eg. ISTI -, OSOP).

The latest version released on June 26, 2015 is 7.8. A new version is in progress as of this writing that will be 64 bit compliant.

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  • Language: C / C++
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    Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Solaris, Unix Automated Earthquake Location, SAC, MSEED, AH, SEG2, CSS, SEISAN, Hypoinverse

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