Summary: Display Seismograms from BUD and POND Seismogram Servers

Author: "Charles J. Ammon":

Description: EarthMotionMonitor is a Mac OS X application that I wrote so that I could display seismograms in near real-time in my office and during my natural hazards and seismology classes. Data are available from seismic networks operated by many different groups, but are accessed through the IRIS Consortia ( and the US Geological Survey ( This software is unsupported - I would enjoy hearing if you like it and use it, but I have little time to answer questions or respond to modification requests. The program is free (you get what you pay for), but I retain all rights related to this software. I have no plans to distribute the source because it uses a number of librararies that are under constant development (if only I was better with software management tools). Special thanks to Victor Ananiev for his ADORB framework, to Philip Crotwell for help with countless DHI questions, and to the IRIS staff who care for the DHI servers running at the IRIS DMC.