Electromagnetic Transfer Functions File Conversion Utilities (EMTF FCU), (C) 2007-2018 Anna Kelbert, is a set of routines written in Fortran 90 that is intended to allow conversion between the commonly used electromagnetic transfer function file formats: Gary Egbert's Z-files, Society of Exploration Geophysicists MT/EMAP Data Interchange Standard (EDI) and EMTF XML.

EMTF FCU uses Fortran XML library (FoX),(C) 2005-2013 Toby White, Andrew Walker
This library is freely available under a 3-clause BSD license; which is to say that it may be used freely by any and all users; redistributed in source or binary form; provided that the copyright notices are maintained. The FoX library is not included into this distribution of EMTF FCU. It can be downloaded at

The following standalone programs are available:


Additionally, these standalone codes may be used for quick
coordinate rotation:


Note that, other than for the XML files, there is no guarantee
that the metadata will be preserved in the same exact format
upon a coordinate rotation, or that no information will be lost.

For the above conversion codes, Perl script counterparts
are available to perform batch processing.

edi2xml & z2xml:
depend on the FoX library and require additional
metadata files for full functionality (see below)
xml2z, xml2edi & xml2xml:
depend on the FoX library but do not require any
additional files; have limited functionality in
the sense that they will only work correctly
with those XML files that contain the right data
types and statistical estimates for this type
of storage
z2edi, edi2edi & z2z:
standalone codes that requires no additional inputs

All conversion codes have an additional capability to rotate the transfer functions to an arbitrary coordinate system. This capability ought to be executed with great care for EDI files, which are inherently limited in that they do not store full covariance matrices. Rotation, therefore, invalidates the error bars in the files. While we try to do something reasonable in this case, rotation without a covariance matrix is mathematically invalid.

For the above conversion codes, Perl script counterparts are available to perform batch processing.

  • Category: Conversion Program
  • Language: FORTRAN
  • Keywords:

    electromagnetic, magnetotelluric, transfer functions, metadata, EDI, XML, reading, writing, conversion tools

  • Citation:

    Electromagnetic Transfer Functions File Conversion Utilities (EMTF FCU), (C) 2007-2018, Anna Kelbert, Oregon State University

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Manager: Anna Kelbert, Chad Trabant

Developer: Adam Clark