Electromagnetic Transfer Functions File Conversion Utilities (EMTF FCU), (C) 2007-2013 Anna Kelbert, is a set of routines written in Fortran 90 that is intended to allow conversion between the commonly used electromagnetic transfer function file formats: Gary Egbert's Z-files, Society of Exploration Geophysicists MT/EMAP Data Interchange Standard (EDI) and SPUD XML.

EMTF FCU uses Fortran XML library (FoX),(C) 2005-2013 Toby White, Andrew Walker
This library is freely available under a 3-clause BSD license; which is to say that it may be used freely by any and all users; redistributed in source or binary form; provided that the copyright notices are maintained. The FoX library is not included into this distribution of EMTF FCU. It can be downloaded at http://www1.gly.bris.ac.uk/~walker/FoX/

The following standalone tools are available:

xml2edi (limited functionality)

For the above conversion codes, Perl script counterparts are available to perform batch processing.

  • Category: Conversion Program
  • Language: FORTRAN
  • Keywords:

    electromagnetic, magnetotelluric, transfer functions, metadata, EDI, XML, reading, writing, conversion tools

  • Citation:

    Electromagnetic Transfer Functions File Conversion Utilities (EMTF FCU), (C) 2007-2013, Anna Kelbert, Oregon State University

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Manager: Anna Kelbert, Chad Trabant
Developer: Adam Clark