FuncLab comprises a set of tools built within the MATLAB environment to analyze receiver functions (Eagar and Fouch, 2012; Porritt and Miller 2017). In this second release of FuncLab, tools are available for P-to-S receiver function analysis. These tools were developed on the Mac OS X platform beginning in 2006 with MATLAB (R14) student version and most recently updated in 2017 with Matlab version 2016b. Most of the developed tools were created to be compatible with this version, but were not tested to be backwards compatible with earlier versions of MATLAB. Figure dimensions may also vary from platform to platform.

This updated version includes new features such as data downloading via irisFetch.m, receiver function calculations via processRFmatlab, on-the-fly cross-section tools, interface picking, and more. The zip file is too large to upload to seiscode, so please download the version from the homepage.

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  • Category: Data Processing
  • Language: MATLAB
  • Keywords:

    Receiver Functions, seismic imaging, h-k stacking, common conversion point stacking, Moho, upper mantle discontinuities

  • Citation:

    Robert W. Porritt, Meghan S. Miller, Updates to FuncLab, a Matlab based GUI for handling receiver functions, Computers & Geosciences, Volume 111, February 2018, Pages 260-271, ISSN 0098-3004,


Manager: Robert Porritt