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Celso Reyes, 11/14/2012 11:26 AM


Getting Started

  1. Download irisFetch.m
    right-click the link & save the irisFetch.m file somewhere that MATLAB can find it
  2. Download latest IRIS-WS.jar from this page: Iris Library downloads
    grab the version that says "Matlab Users, choose this"
  3. Add the IRIS-WS.jar to MATLAB, by using MATLAB's javaclasspath function


Traces example
Stations example
Events example

Additional examples can be found at

Examples of using irisFetch was included in a web-seminar (webinar) from November 8, 2012. This webinar starts with general information about web services (1:00), then discusses retrieving event and trace data via the browser (~8:45), command-line interfaces (~24:50), and MATLAB (~38:45).

Webinar page, including sample .m script:
Direct link to webinar video:

Getting Help

Detailed documentation is available for each routine. In MATLAB, use "help XXXX" like so:
  • For general help, type :
    help irisFetch
  • Specific help is also available, e.g.
    help irisFetch.Traces
    help irisFetch.Events
  • To find out what additional functions (methods) are available, type: