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Celso Reyes, 05/14/2013 12:04 PM

Information about downloading and using irisFetch.m can be found here

Version 2.0 of irisFetch is mostly compatible with version 1.X.

Please check the manual, found at for additional details.

Examples of using irisFetch was included in a web-seminar (webinar) from November 8, 2012. This webinar starts with general information about web services (1:00), then discusses retrieving event and trace data via the browser (~8:45), command-line interfaces (~24:50), and MATLAB (~38:45). This webinar was given using an earlier version of irisFetch.

Webinar page, including sample .m script:
Direct link to webinar video:

Getting Help

Detailed documentation is available for each routine. In MATLAB, use "help XXXX" like so:
  • For general help, type :
    help irisFetch
  • Specific help is also available, e.g.
    help irisFetch.Traces
    help irisFetch.Events
  • To find out what additional functions (methods) are available, type: