JRG is a basic seismic reflection and image processing package with portable graphics, instant record animation, 3-d and crooked-line capabilities, SEG-Y and sound file I/O, and a convenient GUI that runs on any machine. Processing is entirely menu driven, with no command-line work needed. JRG lacks muting, statics, or migrations.

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  • Category: Data Processing
  • Language: Java
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    .sgy, .ps, .rg, .au, SAC, ASCII, SU

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    Louie, John N. (2020, February 2). JRG, the Resource Geology Seismic Processing System for Java, and Viewmat (Version 4.5.1). Zenodo.
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Manager: John Louie

Developer: John Louie

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JRG-Viewmat Now at Zenodo
The open-source JRG-VIewmat RG Seismic Processing System for Java is now archived and maintained at Zenodo:
Added by John Louie almost 3 years ago

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