A program to convert miniSEED data to SAC format.

An optional metadata file may be supplied that contains values for the SAC headers that are not available in Mini-SEED. An event location may be supplied on the command line for placement into the SAC headers.

To download the source code either download the tar/zip from the Files tab or check it out using Subversion (svn) using the path indicated on the Repository tab.

This converter should work in Unix/Linux/Mac OSX and Windows.

Compiling the program

GNU make (or compatible) may be required to build the software. On some Solaris versions, the default make is known to fail, instead GNU make is often available as gmake. If GNU make is not available a work around is to remove the line "nozip: LOCALFLAGS = -DNOFDZIP" from src/Makefile.

  • Category: Conversion Program
  • Language: C / C++
  • Keywords:

    miniSEED SAC

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Manager: Chad Trabant