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The IRIS DMC Noise Toolkit PDF/PSD bundle (download) provides 3 highly configurable scripts to calculate waveform spectra in Python/ObsPyP. Although this package takes advantage of FDSN Web service client for ObsPy to retrieve necessary waveform data, but it also allows users to process waveform data from their local files. This package provides PSD file collections similar to popular PQLX package (McNamara and Boaz, 2005) and therefore it is compatible with existing user programs (see the Wiki page). The scripts included in this bundle are:

  1. - a Python script to request waveforms and response data for given station(s) using the ObsPy FDSN client
    OR to read user's waveform data files (in SAC, MSEED, CSS, etc. format), compute PSDs and populate a file-based PSD database
  2. - a Python script to extract PSDs for a given channel and bounding parameters from the PSD database. The output is similar to PQLX's exPSDhour script
  3. - a Python script to bin PSD's to daily files for a given channel and bounding parameters.

The Noise Toolkit PSD computation flowchart is shown below (click on image for a larger view). At each stage the computation is controlled by user parameter file. Waveform data are either requested directly through the FDSN web services or are read directly from user data files. For the latter, a call is made to the response services to obtain the instrument response information.


We welcome patches and enhancements to this software. When developing patches, please pay particular attention to ease of use and maintenance and also keep dependencies to a minimum (contact the project).


  • McNamara D.E. and R.I. Boaz, Seismic Noise Analysis System, Power Spectral Density Probability Density Function: Stand-Alone Software Package, United States Geological Survey Open File Report, NO. 2005-1438, 30p., 2005.


  • IRIS DMC Products Team
  • Keith Koper (University of Utah)
  • Rob Anthony and Rick Aster (New Mexico Tech and Colorado State University)


  • Category: Data Processing
  • Language: Python
  • Keywords:

    pdf , noise-toolkit , PSD

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