Probabilistic, Non-Linear, Global-Search Earthquake Location in 3D Media. Operates on UNIX based systems (Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X, ...)

The NonLinLoc (Non-Linear Location) package is a set of programs for velocity model construction, travel-time calculation and probabilistic, non-linear, global-search earthquake location in 3D structures, and for visualisation of 3D volume data and location results. Many of the programs operate with a 3D Grid structure which defines a specific, gridded, rectangular volume (Non-GLOBAL mode) or spherical section (GLOBAL mode).

See the NLLoc program documentation for a description of the non-linear location inversion approach and algorithms.

NonLinLoc supports regional/teleseismic location in a spherical, longitude/latitude/depth coordinate system. This is referred to as the "GLOBAL" mode in this documentation. The original rectangular-Cartesian location mode remains fully supported, and is referred to as the "Non-GLOBAL" mode where relevant.

NonLinLoc includes the Equal-Differential Time (EDT) likelihood function in addition to the classic L2/RMS function (see EDT likelihood function).

NOTE: Currently, the NonLinLoc package only includes software support for generating 1D, spherically-layered travel time grids for GLOBAL mode location. External software can be used to generate 3D travel time grids in spherical coordinates for GLOBAL mode. (A Fast Marching Method, finite-differences package for calculating travel times on 3D spherical-ellipsoidal grids is currently under development, contact Anthony Lomax for more information )

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  • Category: Data Processing
  • Language: C / C++
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    earthquake location, velocity model, travel-time, visualization, plotting and display, probabilistic, non-linear, Mac OS X, Linux, Solaris, Unix, C, Java, GMT

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    Lomax, A., A. Michelini, A. Curtis (2009), Earthquake Location, Direct, Global-Search Methods, in Encyclopedia of Complexity and System Science, Part 5, Meyers, R. A. (ed.), Springer, New York, pp. 2449-2473, doi:10.1007/978-0-387-30440-3.
    Lomax, A., J. Virieux, P. Volant and C. Berge, (2000), Probabilistic earthquake location in 3D and layered models: Introduction of a Metropolis-Gibbs method and comparison with linear locations, in Advances in Seismic Event Location, Thurber, C.H., and N. Rabinowitz (eds.), Kluwer, Amsterdam, 101-134.

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