ObsPy - a Python framework for seismological observatories.

ObsPy is an open-source project dedicated to provide a Python framework for processing seismological data. It provides parsers for common file formats, clients to access data centers and seismological signal processing routines which allow the manipulation of seismological time series (see Beyreuther et al. 2010, Megies et al. 2011).

The goal of the ObsPy project is to facilitate rapid application development for seismology.

  • Homepage: http://www.obspy.org
  • Category: Library
  • Language: Python
  • Keywords:

    ArcLink, array analysis, beachball, beamforming, cross correlation, database, Dataless SEED, Datamark, Earthworm, EIDA, Events, focal mechanism, GSE1, GSE2, iapsei-tau, instrument correction, instrument simulation, IRIS, MiniSEED, misfit, MSEED, NERA, NERIES, ORFEUS, picker, processing, PQLX, Q, RESP, response file, SAC, SEED, SeedLink, SEG-2, SEG Y, SEISAN, SeisHub, Seismic Handler, seismogram, slink, spectrogram, taper, taup, travel time, trigger, VERCE, WAV, waveform, WaveServer, WaveServerV, WebDC, Winston, XML-SEED, XSEED

  • Citation:

    (1) Moritz Beyreuther, Robert Barsch, Lion Krischer, Tobias Megies, Yannik Behr and Joachim Wassermann (2010), ObsPy: A Python Toolbox for Seismology, SRL, 81(3), 530-533.

    (2) Tobias Megies, Moritz Beyreuther, Robert Barsch, Lion Krischer, Joachim Wassermann (2011), ObsPy – What can it do for data centers and observatories? Annals Of Geophysics, 54(1), 47-58, doi:10.4401/ag-4838.


Manager: Robert Barsch