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h1. Overview

The DMC has three FDSNWS compatible web service end points for accessing the repository of PH5 data at the DMC. Additionally PASSCAL maintains a web form hosted on IRIS DMC hardware for accessing PH5 datasets in SEG-Y format. Below are links to the web services, source code and PH5 Web Service documentation, public PH5 API documentation, and PH5 Web Form. The PH5 APIs are maintained jointly by PASSCAL and the IRIS DMC. The PH5 Web Services utilize the PH5 APIs for data extraction.

h2. PH5 Wiki

* PH5 API Wiki:

h2. PH5 Data Access

Use the PH5 web services or PH5 web form to access timeseries data stored in PH5 at the IRISDMC.

h3. Primary
Web Service Interfaces

PH5 Web
services are used for timeseries and metadata extraction in miniSEED and SAC format.

h3. Primary Web Service Interfaces

* PH5 Dataselect:
* PH5 Station:
* PH5 Event:

h3. PH5 Web Form

PH5 Web Form is used for timeseries data extraction in SEG-Y and SAC format.

* Experiment List: