Known Issues: rdseed 5.3.1 is the current release and has four primary issues that IRIS DMC staff are looking into.

  • compatibility issues with summary files produced by JWEED 4.1 (Linux)
  • segmentation faulting when attempting to produce SAC files with user-compiled code coupled with a JWEED summary file
  • user difficulty building rdseed from source using the latest gcc (Linux, Mac)
  • gain of CSS output for infrasound channels off by 10^9

IRIS currently has limited resources to support rdseed and response time regarding rdseed issues may be longer than normal. Nonetheless, we are endeavoring to put out new releases to address these reported problems. Thank you for your patience.

Used to read FDSN SEED formatted volumes, enabling conversion of SEED to SAC (binary or ascii), AH, SEGY, CSS, miniSEED or fullSEED.

Note: Jreadseed, a Java version of rdseed, is available for PCs running Windows.