CHANGES since release of v1015c

2013/06 Version 101.6 released

For v101.6, pre-built binaries are provided for only two platforms:

1. Mac OS 10.6 (64 bit): will run on 10.7 or 10.8.
   The Mac build does not use /opt/local (macports default).
2. Linux 64-bit: built on CentOS release 5.7 (Final).

Other platforms or operating systems must be built from the source code.  
Successful builds for v101.6 have been made and tested on Solaris 2.8 (big
endian) and 2.11 (x86); Linux 32-bit; and Mac 10.4 (both ppc and intel).
Because of licensing issues, a Cygwin binary distribution cannot be

IRIS has updated their Web site so that several URLs have changed.  Hopefully 
we have the corect links in our documentation.

Updated Using SAC help files (See the HTML versions at 

Beginning in Spring 2013, IRIS has set up a SAC project in their SeisCode
initiative: <>.

Replaced the obsolete macros/ subdirectory with a sample set that is up to date.

Disabled PNG and XFT for default builds
          - To turn on PNG: ./configure --enable-png
          - To turn on XFT: ./configure --enable-xft

Fill positive and negative portions of seismograms (through the LINE command)

New command parser (see HISTORY for details)

At the 2012 annual meeting of the Eastern Section of the SSA (Blacksburg, VA),
there was a presentation that discussed the fact that precision in timing and 
(perhaps) distance has improved beyond the SAC single-precision capability.  
For example, because SAC stores time variables in single precision, to resolve 
times to less than 0.001 s, the total time must be less than 16,384 s = 4.5 hours.
The presentation can be downloaded from URL 
The only improvement in precision for v101.6 is that blackboard numerical values 
are now stored as double-precision floating-point numbers.

Increaqsed default plot linewidths for program sgftops to make them better
match the output from SAC command saveimg.

Richard Godbee and Brian Savage found and fixed MANY errors and
warnings through the SAC tree using clang static analyzer (v3.1), 
clang address sanitizer (v3.1),  and valgrind with compilation flags 
-Wall -Wextra.  Details are given in HISTORY.