History v101.1

These are official releases

2007/03/03 Version 101.0

  • Supported Platforms: Solaris, Linux (32 bit), and Mac OS X
    (both OSX/PPC and OSX/Intel). On OSX/Intel, a build does not
    work using gcc 3. On OSX/PPC, builds are successful with either
    gcc 3 and gcc 4 for OS 10.4 and gcc 3 for 10.3. A successful build
    is reported on OS 10.2, but builds on 10.4 will not run on 10.2.
    Builds on Solaris 2.9 will work on 2.8. On Linux, successful builds
    on either gcc 3 or gcc 4. Sac is not supported on 64-bit
    architectures, but successful builds on 64-bit machines are reported
    using the -m32 flag with gcc plus other modifications.
  • Added ~/utils with sources and makefile for sacswap, saclst,
    and sgftops. Executables are included in ~/bin.
  • Major Bug Fixed for all SACIO Library routines.
    Use of library with Fortran and/or C now sane
  • Major Bug Fix: Writehdr Different Endian Bug
  • Variable: SAC_USE_DATABASE
    Use Database
    If environment variable is undefined or set to 1
    % setenv SAC_USE_DATABASE 1
    Do Not Use Database
    If environment variable is set to 0
    % setenv SAC_USE_DATABASE 0
    Show Copyright
    If environment variable is undefined
    Do Not Show Copyright
    If environment variable is defined
  • YLimit Bug fixed
  • Minor Bug Fixes: Compilation Bugs and Warnings, bugs in sgftops
    and sgftoeps.csh
  • To Do:
    • Build and Testing
      ./configure system
      Universal Builds on OS X
      Testing suite
    • Known Bugs
      Files that begin with a long integer
      Line termination while parsing files
      No error output on "ch o gmt" truncation, better error reporting
      r pha*? multiple times gives segmentation fault
      Missing SAC> when run in a script
      Error should in in stderr not stdout
      "WARNING: Number 4003 integer too large"
      'lh inclusive non-existent-header' causes a to segfault
      wsac0 does not update all header variables
      SGF files written with one byte order cannot be read
      on systems using the opposite byte order
      "do .. wild" loop bombs if total number of characters
      for filenames too large ** Plotting Bugs
      Plotpk cross-hairs
      Time shrinks on plots with lots of records
      Reformat Plotting Window
    • General Code Cleanups
      Merge files that overlap, better merge code
      remove code repetition, hdr.h, extfuncs.h, and SacHeader.h
      Use of common blocks, global variables
      rolllback command does not work
    • Additional Functionality
      Scalability, 1000 files, more, no limit ?
      write with a format
      e.g. "write kzdate.%kztime.%kstnm.%knetwk. kcmpnm.sac"
      get/set functionality
      includes initialization file
      and setting "set lh.columns 2"