sac2wav converts SAC files into a WAV file for audio playback.

sac2wav [-f file.wav] [-g gain] [-h rate] [-l lapse] [-m mean] [-vFHQSTUVW] a.SAC [b.SAC ...]

sac2wav sorts and concatenates multiple SAC files chronologically to create a single output WAVE file.

  • Output filename: of the first sampled point.
  • Time lapse: 1 hour of real time equals 30 seconds of audio playback.
  • Fails if output file would be too large.
  1. Store a few SAC files in a directory, all recorded within 24 hours of each other.
  2. Run "sac2wav *.sac" in that directory to create a new .WAV file.
  3. Open the named .WAV file in your favorite audio player.

The sac2wav calculation uses two passes. The first pass gathers statistics, separately for each input SAC file, to calculate the best acoustic center (mean) and acoustic amplification (gain) for each SAC file. The second pass generates the output file, adjusting the mean and gain for each extent of data. Gaps in time are filled by audio silence.

This version of sac2wav ignores poles and zeros and applies no filters, except for mean, gain, and time lapse.

  • Category: Conversion Program
  • Language: C / C++
  • Keywords:

    SAC, ASCII, BINARY, WAV, wave, audio, timelapse, audification, sonification

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    by Rick DeWitt, (c) 2004, 2015
    dewitt.rick at
    Mill Creek, WA 98012

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