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SeisCode was set up as a place where the seismological community can host and search for seismological software.

As a software author, you will create, edit, and update your own project pages.


You may interact with SeisCode do a varying degree based upon your needs. You may:

  • Create a project and host its source code. Show me
  • Create a project with a description and one or more downloadable project files. Show me
  • Create a project containing only a simple description along with a link to a different, active website. Show me

SeisCode was designed for you to host your project to the degree you desire. We provide the community, you provide the solution.

Getting started

About projects
Searching SeisCode
Setting up a project with source files managed in SeisCode
Importing source code to the repository
Setting up a project that is hosted elsewhere

See the main wiki page for this project for help with getting started

Redmine help

The SeisCode site uses the Redmine project. General help with this system is available from the Redmine site.

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Added by Adam Clark about 11 years ago

IRIS hosted projects are now listed in SeisCode
Software products that are listed on the IRIS website have been added to SeisCode.
Added by Celso Reyes about 12 years ago

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