Adding projects to SeisCode

You may interact with SeisCode do a varying degree based upon your needs. You may:

  • Create a project and host its source code. Show me
  • Create a project with a description and one or more downloadable project files. Show me
  • Create a project containing only a simple description along with a link to a different, active website. Show me

A variety of modules exist that, if activated, can provide expanded capabilities:

  • wiki : create wiki pages detailing and expounding upon your project. Add FAQ's, examples, etc.
  • issue tracking : track issues with software, and guide further development
  • documents : provides a place for additional documentation. pdf manuals, for example.
  • news: allows for communications to users that are visible on your project's overview page.
  • forums : allows users to comment and interact.

If you change your mind, you can add or remove these capabilities as desired.

Getting started

About projects
Searching SeisCode
Setting up a project with source files managed in SeisCode
Importing source code to the repository
Setting up a project that is hosted elsewhere

Making changes

changing your project homepage
adding a wiki
adding a repository
changing keywords

other links...

SeisCode FAQ