Helpful hints

  • Create a new page by:
    1. create a link to it in an existing page. ex.
      [[wiki_page_name|Name that the user sees]]
    2. either save your page, or if this is temporary, click on "preview"
    3. click on the new link (it should be red).
      • Remember: Leaving the current page will loose any changes, so either save this page first, or right-click on the link to open a new tab/window.
    4. create / save the new page.
  • All pages can be accessed by clicking either "Index by title" or "Index by date" from the right-hand navigation bar.
  • When information needs to be duplicated on multiple pages (such as a figure with text, or an oft-repeated paragraph) create a page solely for that content.
    Then, it can be included in other pages with
    • This will ensure that a change in one place propagates to all appropriate pages.
    • This is particularly useful with graphics, allowing you to only upload once, instead of on each... and... every... page....