SeismicCanvas: a cross-platform, graphically interactive application for accessing, viewing and analyzing waveform data

SeismicCanvas presents a user interface designed to support classroom and laboratory use by minimizing the learning curve for non-seismologists.
  • The user interface has been designed to parallel commonly used desktop software.
  • The menu structure is patterned after familiar word processing and spreadsheet applications.
  • Direct graphical interaction adopts the “select-then-operate” paradigm used in familiar desktop graphics and presentation software.
  • Viewing options include arbitrary arrangement of traces and generation of seismic sections, and spectra.
  • Processing operations include windowing, filtering, stacking and tapering. Interactive picking, measurements of times, apparent velocities and slowness, amplitude extraction.
  • WYSIWYG printing is implemented.
  • SeismicCanvas can import data from local files or directly from the IRIS Web Services.

The application is implemented in C++ using the QT cross-platform application and UI framework.

  • Executables for Mac OS X, Windows and some Linux distress are available for download in the "files" tab.
  • SeismicCanvas can be run on Mac OS X and Windows without "installation". For Mac OS X, all required libraries are included in the application bundle so you may move it anywhere. For Windows, all required .dlls and plugins are included in the folder with the application. The folder can be placed anywhere as long as its contents are kept together.
  • The Mac app is signed with a developer certificate so that it can be runwithout disabling all GateKeeper safeguards.
  • If you send me an email indicating which OS you are interested in, I will email you as new versions are posted.
  • Category: Plotting & Display
  • Language: C / C++
  • Keywords:

    WYSIWYG, education, printing, analysis


Manager: Glenn Kroeger

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New Version (0.9)
Binaries are now available for Mac OS X, both 32 and 64-bit Windows and some Linux distros.
Added by Glenn Kroeger over 8 years ago

Binaries updated
GB network added to Both Mac OS X and Windows versions
Added by Glenn Kroeger about 9 years ago

Windows Binary Updated
Latest Beta release
Added by Glenn Kroeger about 9 years ago

Mac Binary Updated (26 April 2015)
Latest beta version
Added by Glenn Kroeger about 9 years ago

Mac Binary updated (12 April 2015)
Added by Glenn Kroeger about 9 years ago

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