SOD is a program that automates tedious data selection, downloading, and routine processing tasks in seismology. It allows you to define your desired data based on earthquakes, recording stations, and the resulting combination of information. SOD then retrieves the data that matches the criteria and applies any number of processing steps using processors included in SOD and ones you've written yourself. All of this works for historical data, but as the name says, you can specify a "standing order" with SOD. If your criteria stretch off into the future, SOD will run until that day gathering seismograms for earthquakes as they occur.

Please see the SOD project on Github,, for more information and to get the latest release,

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  • Category: Data Processing
  • Language: Java
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    download processing extraction automation preprocessing web services

  • Citation:

    T. J. Owens, H. P. Crotwell, C. Groves, and P. Oliver-Paul. SOD: Standing Order for Data. Seismological Research Letters, 75:515–520, 2004.


Manager: Philip Crotwell