Synthetic Seismogram Service Reference Materials

SAC Output File Names


StaLAT, StaLon truncated to 2 decimal places.

Synthetic Seismogram Service Parameter List

Query Parameter Fortran Argument Type Mandatory Notes
Source Type 1: Hypocenter
eventlatitude eventlatitude Decimal Float Yes, if no GCMT ID supplied units?
eventlongitude eventlongitude Decimal Float Yes, if no GCMT ID supplied
eventdepth eventdepth Decimal Float Yes, if no GCMT ID supplied
eventtime eventtime Standard FDSN UTC form Yes, if no GCMT ID supplied Defaults to 0000-01-01T00:00:00.00. 3 forms are valid in FDSN, "2008-01-01", "2008-01-01T00:00:00", and "2008-01-01T00:00:00.000000". Min year=0, Max year = 2599
Source Type 2: GCMT ID
gcmtid NA String, e.g. "C2009234523" No Trumps Source Type 1 at Service level. Service will supply eventlat, eventlon, eventdepth , eventtime to fortran handler. Also, Moment Tensor.
Source Type 3: Moment Tensor
momenttensor momenttensor String of comma separated decimal floats (6 or 9 values) No Trumps the MT from the GCMT when user specified. No spaces allowed. Units: dyne-cm
halfduration halfduration Decimal Float No Units: seconds. Supplied from GCMT solution (if moment tensor specificed) if not explicitly given by user.
Receiver Type 1: Lat Lon
receiverlatitude receiverlatitude Decimal Float Yes, if no NET / STA pair supplied
receiverlongitude receiverlongitude Decimal Float Yes, if no NET / STA pair supplied
Receiver Type 2: Net Sta
network NA String No Net / Sta will be used to look up stationlatitude and stationlongitude. Eventtime is used for station epoch if available. Elsewise, latest epoch used.
station NA String No
Other Input
NA stffile POST Field No Will be POSTed as 'stf' element of multipart POST
Output & Processing
receivercomponentsystem receivercomponentsystem String No From set [enz, sph, cyl, xyz, src] Default: "enz"
receivercomponent receivercomponent String No 1 or more components from different sets for each system: enz->ZNE, sph->RTP, cyl->SZP, xyz->XYZ, src->ZRT. Defaults to all for that system
NA outputdir String Yes Location where handler should write output files
starttimeoffset starttimeoffset Decimal Float Yes Units: seconds
endtimeoffset endtimeoffset Decimal Float Yes Units: seconds
model model String ? Could default to a particular model?
orientation orientation String ? Seen this as 'output' Advise. One of more chars of this set: [Z,N,E,R,T]

Other Behavior Notes

  1. If gcmtid is supplied, the event lat, lon depth and time will be the centroid origin from the moment tensor solution. Also, the solution's halfduration will be supplied.
  2. If halfduration supplied by the user, this will override the halfduration value from the moment tensor solution. [Internally, a Gaussian STF will be used]
  3. If neither gcmtid nor halfduration is supplied, the STF will default to the Green's Function
  4. If stffile specifies a STF file, the handler shoudl use this internally and ignore any halfduration values supplied.

Aug 1, 2013 update

To do list for Tarje & Co:
frequency domain, filtering, pole zero correction, netcdf output

To do list Alex:
SAC output, add sanity checks for all arguments & finish barfing codes

receiverlist format:
Lat Lon label
(later down the road maybe, Rich can make life easy for the user and allow _GSN ALL_STATS and he generates receiverlist.txt with labels=NET.STAT)

OUTPUT file names:
-user supplied in input arguments --label
-user supplied in the receiverlist file
-if arguments stat & net are given, rich generates --label net.stat

SAC file headers:
-stalat & stalon will be the grid lat&lon from find_receivers.f90
-KUSER0 will be "AXIws1.0" (8 character limit)
-KUSER0 will be the model name
-KUSER1 will be the receiver component system
-KUSER2 will be the requested receiver latitude
-KUSER3 will be the requested receiver longitude
-CHANNEL will be receivercomponent

Input arguments requried by find_receivers.f90:

Remaining parameters and their (defaults):
--model (prem)
--momenttensor, must be 6 numbers (1,1,1,0,0,0)
--receivercomponentsystem (src)
--receivercomponent (ZRT or maybe just Z?)
--halfduration ( ? )

optional paramters: