The Waveform Suite is a component of the GISMO Project.

A MATLAB toolbox that simplifies the importing, processing, and displaying seismic data.
The Waveform Suite allows easy data retrieval from a variety of sources and to make basic waveform research quick and easy. It is a toolset that allows the creation of more sophisticated programs without having to be concerned with all details. Features include:
  • History feature tracks changes to your waveforms
  • Plotting tools for waveforms
  • Waveforms work for any regularly sampled data stream
  • Mathematical functions make manipulating easier: +, -, /, .*, .^
  • Standard manipulations: filter, crop, subset, subset, stack, normalize, automatic gain control, demean, detrend, taper, etc.
  • Statistics: max, min, mean, median, etc.
  • Waveform operations: hilbert transform, integration and differentiation
  • Operates N-dimensional waveforms (in most cases without requiring loops)
  • Object architecture provides a stable base for writing more complex programs

Data can be imported from Antelope databases (via the BRTT Antelope toolbox), Winston databases, the IRIS-DMC, SAC files, SEISAN, .mat files, or your own homegrown file format. With minimal coding, most any homegrown MATLAB format can take advantage of waveform architecture. The core suite consists of a scnlobject class, a datasource class, and the waveform class.
Two basic additional utility classes come with the waveform toolbox: filterobject and spectralobject. Filterobject allows easy filtering. Spectralobject allows easy manipulation of parameters used to create spectrograms.

The waveform suite:
  • makes playing with data easier by automating the tedious aspects of data manipulation
  • makes programs more stable by ensuring proper data typing
  • makes code more portable by reading multiple formats and functioning on multiple systems
  • makes troubleshooting faster by providing more detailed messages and warnings

Additional information can be found from the online examples and help files at:

The Waveform Suite and related codes can also be discussed at:

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Manager: Celso Reyes

Developer: Celso Reyes

Reporter: Adam Clark, Chad Trabant, SeisCode Admin

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Waveform Suite can now retrieve data from IRIS
Seismic traces can be retrieved directly from the IRIS-DMC, thanks to the new WS-IRIS java library. (knowledge of Java not necessary)
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