Command line program to perform time series signal processing.

Input formats can be either miniSEED or SAC.

Download source code from the Files section.

Communityware: No official IRIS support is expressed or implied, bug reports gladly received.

Operations supported:

  • Low-pass filter (with specified order), double or single pass options
  • High-pass filter (with specified order), double or single pass options
  • Band-pass filter (with specified orders), double or single pass options
  • Remove instrument response
    • Using evalresp with specified SEED RESP files
    • Using Poles and Zeros (SAC convention)
    • Using specified frequency range or automated determination
  • Differentiate using 2 point (uncentered) method
  • Integrate using trapezoidal (midpoint) method
  • Remove mean from time series
  • Scale the data samples by a specified factor
  • Scale the data samples by inverse of specified factor
  • Decimate time series by specified factor
  • Apply symmetric taper to time series with specified width and method
  • Apply a Maclaurin type polynomial with given coefficients
  • Calculate envelope of time series
  • Trim time series to latest start and earliest end
  • Rotate component sets, 2-D or 3-D
  • Calculate simple time series statistics
    • minimum, maximum, mean, standard deviation, RMS

Further descriptions are given in the man page included with the source code.

  • Category: Data Processing
  • Language: C / C++
  • Keywords:

    miniseed sac dsp signal processing

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