The Web Service Shell (WSS) is a web service that can be configured via simple properties files to utilize external resources (either command line programs or Java classes) to fulfill the web service requests.

For more information and detailed documentation please see the Wiki.

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  • Language: Java
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    Web service shell

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Latest news

Web Service Shell 2.4 Release
Web Service Shell 2.4 is released with bug fixes and a few new features. Documentation can be found on the Wiki page and the war file can be downloaded from the Files page.
Added by Mike Stults over 1 year ago

Web Service Shell 2 Released
Web Service Shell version 2 is a major update that allows the addition of multiple endpoints, more flexibility in service names and the ability to proxy more than one file.
Added by Mike Stults over 2 years ago

WSS 1.1.9 Release Notes
Added by Robert Weekly over 3 years ago

WSS 1.1.10 Released
Added by Robert Weekly over 3 years ago

WSS 1.1.8 Released
This release of improves miniseed throughput and selected error handling.
Added by Mike Stults over 4 years ago

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