Web Service Shell 2.4 Release

Added by Mike Stults over 6 years ago

New features include
- relaxed-validation mode so that handler parameters can be changed slightly without redeploying the service
- the ability to create an IP white list per endpoint
- if errors occur while reading configuration files, continue to process respective files to facilitate problem resolution

Bug fixes include
- correcting the order of output fields in usage log output
- enable corsEnabled property for error handling in the same way as successful queries
- re-enable operation with Glassfish 4.x server

Please see the main documentation on the Wiki page for a complete list of changes.

Web Service Shell 2 Released

Added by Mike Stults over 7 years ago

Web Service Shell version 2 is a major update that adds the capability to define multiple endpoints and adds more flexibility in naming services. Incremental improvements include adding a new logging method and more consistent error messages. The core concept of providing a web service that can be configured via simple properties files to utilize external resources remains the same.

New Features

- Configure multiple, arbitrary endpoints. Previously, only one endpoint, “query” was provided. Now it is possible to define multiple endpoints and define endpoint names by configuration. Each endpoint may have its own list of supported media types and may include static or dynamic HTTP response header adjustments.

- The web service naming convention (and URL path) has been generalized to support simple or multi-level naming conventions while still supporting the original, three level FDSN standard of “/fdsnws/<service>/<majorversion>/“

- Endpoints that return content proxied from other resources (e.g. files or other endpoints) are supported. In version 1, only one endpoint, “application.wadl” was available to deliver XML content. In version 2, multiple proxy endpoints may be configured, along with respective media types. Also, endpoint “application.wadl” may be removed if it is not needed.

- A new loggingMethod to support RabbitMQ has been added.

- Time values in usage log messages are standardized to UTC time so that time is not affected by other system settings.

- Version 2 has improved consistency for error messages

- A few unused parameters are removed

Changes needed for upgrading a service from version 1 to version 2

- Configuration file naming conventions have changed slightly to support generalized service naming capability.

- Additional syntax is used to define endpoints plus their respective parameters see WSS 2.2 Documentation at for details on naming conventions and configuration parameter changes.

WSS 1.1.9 Release Notes

Added by Robert Weekly over 8 years ago

  • Issue 633 - Added a check for non-zero exit code from the command line handler after stdout is closed. Also added error text to stdout stream if a non-zero exit code is encountered.
  • Issue 631 - In the service parameter configuration file (servicename-1-param.cfg), the parameter aliases has been added to more easily define short-hand versions of parameter names (i.e. net/network). These identical parameters no longer need to be defined separately in the parameter configuration file.
  • Issue 607 - In the service configuration file (servicename-1-service.cfg), the parameter outputType has been replaced with outputTypes and now determines the MIME type returned to the HTTP header.
  • Issue 606 - Various fixes to logging messages and content.

WSS 1.1.10 Released

Added by Robert Weekly over 8 years ago

  • Issue 473 – Update error response for service root documentation page. Now, information is more clearly displayed when the root documentation page is not available.
  • Issue 688 – A new resource endpoint has been added (‘v2/swagger’). The respective parameter ‘swaggerV2URL’ has been added to the service configuration file (SERVICENAME-1-service.cfg).
  • Issue 690 – Updated error handling when the service WADL is not found.
  • Issue 707 – Fixed a bug where start and end times were not listed in the service usage logs if the times were not specified in the query.
  • Issue 724 – Added the boolean parameter ‘corsEnabled’ to the service configuration file to include the Access-Control-Allow-Origin header in the HTTP response.
  • Issue 733 – A new resource endpoint has been added (‘info’). The respective parameter ‘infoHandlerProgram’ has been added to the service configuration file (SERVICENAME-1-service.cfg)

WSS 1.1.8 Released

Added by Mike Stults over 9 years ago

  • Issue 598 - Changes were made to replace selected Java Date objects with Seisfile Btime objects resulting in faster throughput for miniseed data. No functional changes were made.
  • Issue 545 - To assist clients in detection of incomplete data transfer, 256 bytes of ASCII text is added to the output stream by WebServiceShell if WebServiceShell has handler IOExceptions, or kills the handler process when a timeout occurs.

WSS Version 1.1.7 Released

Added by Mike Stults over 9 years ago

  • issue 543 - New logging messages are written when webserviceshell times out after receiving some data. The new message start with the text "_Killit".
  • issue 553 - When a head request is received, normal webserviceshell parameter checking is performed and respective HTTP status is returned. No handler processes are started.

WSS Version 1.1.3 released

Added by Chad Trabant about 10 years ago

This update includes a new JMS logging capability to use a persistent connection instead of creating a new connection for each message. This only effects data centers using the JMS logging functionality like at the DMC.


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