FDSN Services Using the Web Service Shell

This document describes how to download the required components, setup a servlet container, install web applications (services), and run FDSN web services on a *nix system. This is accomplished via a standard servlet container (Tomcat), the Web Service Shell (aka the 'WSS', provided by IRIS DMC) and command line handlers provided by individual FDSN institutions.

WSS 2.4 Documentation

  • main user manual
  • references for file naming conventions and configuration parameters
  • sample configuration files

WSS 2.2 Documentation

Example service implementation using WSS 2.x

  • step by step example of setup for a simple service using a python script

Requirements and Recommendations

  • high level considerations for WSS

Quick installation instructions

  • steps for installing a WSS web service using Tomcat

Working with Handlers

  • Details on the
    • interface between WSS and a command-line script
    • operation of WSS and a command-line script

Archive - old documentation