FetchData 2017.164 released

Added by Chad Trabant over 6 years ago

  • Allow end time specification to be an offset relative to the start time in the pattern #.#[SMHD], e.g. "30m", "1h", "2D", etc.
  • Allow -F option to accept a list of data centers that is passed to the Federator to limit the response to specific centers. A list of data center identifiers is avaialable (in JSON) here:
  • Turn off verification of hostname and other SSL certificate checks to allow usage with HTTPS web services on hosts that do not have a Certificate Authority certs for use by to the Perl subsystem.
  • Add more details to help message if -h is specified more than once. Relegate lesser used options to the extended help and add more details of federation usage and specification of alternate WS endpoints.

FetchData 2015.246 released

Added by Chad Trabant about 8 years ago

Restore capability to write output miniSEED to stdout by specifying the output file as a single dash, e.g. "-o -"

This release adds support for non-persistent (session) cookies for HTTP requests. This release will also retry requests resulting in authentication errors a single time as a work around edge-case authentication issues.

FetchData 2015.135 released

Added by Chad Trabant over 8 years ago

Fix SAC PZ and RESP output directory designation and creation when Federation is being performed. Data center specific directories are now created in the directory specified for the output.

FetchData 2015.014 released

Added by Chad Trabant over 8 years ago

FetchData 2015.014 includes support for the IRIS Federator system (using the irisws-fedcatalog service interface).

A new command line option of -F instructs FetchData to perform client-side federation, collecting data from multiple FDSN data centers with data matching the request criteria.

FetchEvent 2014.340 released, fix parsing error for depth

Added by Chad Trabant almost 9 years ago

A parsing error for event depth values was fixed.

The error was due to the conversion of values from meters to kilometers before the complete value had been parsed, partial values can be returned by the XML parser. This error appears to only occur relatively rarley and for only when parsing very large XML documents, i.e. large requests.

FetchMetadata version 2014.316 released

Added by Chad Trabant almost 9 years ago

FetchMeta now includes a new option -mts or -matchtimeseries that includes matchtimeseries=TRUE in the request to the fdsnws-station web service. As documented in the FDSN web service specification, this option limits the results to metadata for which the criteria match the availability of time series data.

FetchData version 2014.253 Released

Added by Chad Trabant almost 9 years ago

FetchData version 2014.253 was released with many changes since the previous release (2014.107).

Highlights include:

* Use POST capabilty of fdsnws-station service, which is much faster to transport and parse over the XML (support is required for 1.1 services).

* Many optimizations for large requests by re-organizing internal metadata handling and removing an unnecessary encoding check during download.

* Translate empty location strings in metadata to "--" identifiers for data requests.

* Add detection of stream truncation identifier, exit and print an error if present.

    Also available in: Atom