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04:24 PM Web Service Shell Bug #931 (New): NO_CONTENT gets logged at ERROR level in log4j logs
When there's no data to send back, in the _EndPoint_ I have:...


03:04 PM Web Service Shell Feature #841 (New): Add ability to call life cycle destroy method for singleton
In the xx-service.cfg file you can have a line like:...
11:13 AM Web Service Shell Bug #840 (New): Webservice shell does not properly redirect the root if no trailing slash (/) is present
A path such as ...


11:56 AM Web Service Shell Feature #545 (Closed): Add option to append error message to data when a command timeout occurs and connection is closed.
If data has been sent, but then underlying executable command times out, the user will have no indication that the ti...
11:53 AM Web Service Shell Bug #544 (Rejected): Re-introduce the Dripped buffer feature
Somewhere along the line, the dripped buffer feature was taken out. I believe that Rich did this when the command tim...
11:51 AM Web Service Shell Bug #543 (Closed): Log execution timeouts
If the underlying command takes longer than the designated timeout and data has already been sent a 200 http response...


02:36 PM Web Service Shell Bug #203 (Closed): Need to be able to "proxy" WADL
The wadl is delivered via
The WSS currently gets the application...


02:05 PM Web Service Shell Bug #200 (Closed): 2013-03-27 13:55:15,334 ERROR [http-bio-8082-exec-9]: ProcessStreamingOutput - Caught exception in seed parse: null (a bazzilion times)
I made a big request (780 lines - see attached)
doing a tail -f on wslive5/server8082/logs/dataselect.log it quickly...


11:23 AM Web Service Shell Feature #196 (Closed): Need Header Access-Control-Allow-Origin *
We do not seem to be sending out the Access-Control-Allow-Origin: * header
like response.setHeader("Access-Control-A...


01:56 PM Web Service Shell Bug #195 (Closed): catalina.out warning: edu.iris.wss.Wss.ok(), with URI template, "/", is treated as a resource method
When the wss is loaded, In catalina.out appears the two scary sounding lines:
WARNING: The following warnings have...

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