Anna Kelbert





04:51 PM EMTF FCU Revision 30: Two important changes: 1) replacing some instances of deallocate with nullify to avoid segmentation faults with the new gfortran; 2) significant bug fix that affects single station error bars if computed from EDI SPECTRA.


08:34 AM EMTF FCU Revision 29: Fixed the read of EDI files with *.EDI uppercase extension.
07:55 AM EMTF FCU Revision 28: Two updates: 1) a bug fix that seems to be correctly estimate the residual covariances from single station SPECTRA; 2) pointers are now nullified rather than deallocated to ensure compatibility with the latest version of gfortran which gagged on those statements.


10:38 AM EMTF FCU Revision 27: Major update to html documentation of data types and statistical estimates.


10:13 AM EMTF FCU Revision 26: Fixed one more subtle problem. xml_read failed ungracefully when a single line of comment could not be parsed, specifically on Windows. This seems to fix this issue.


11:04 AM EMTF FCU Revision 25: Fixed a few minor things for generality: previously, gfortran-compiled code failed if the optional ProcessDate or Origin elements were missing; now that problem is eliminated. Also, a pointer array in parse_str utility function is no longer being deallocated (something that drove gfortran crazy).


11:25 PM EMTF FCU Revision 24: Added USGS disclaimer.
05:26 PM EMTF FCU Revision 23: Minor change to the README file requested by the reviewers in Geophysics.


03:32 PM EMTF FCU Revision 22: Added more comments to main programs.


02:00 PM EMTF FCU Revision 21: Minor code update that includes DATATYPE html files and minor fixes for the Geophysics paper.

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