Anna Kelbert





03:06 PM EMTF FCU Revision 45: Added an optional flag FileNameAsSiteID for z2xml conversions.


01:37 PM EMTF FCU Revision 44: Fixed a collection of special cases when Z files would not convert correctly with only impedance or tipper; added an option to set ParseProcessingTag to false in the config.xml file.


11:26 AM EMTF FCU Revision 43: Two fixes: 1) allow for incomplete site lists in edi2xml, and 2) fix xml_write and related codes to write out a large errorbar 1.0e+32 instead of skipping the NaN errors. This is important because, as Max Moorkamp found out, some libraries in C++ do not allow for missing lines in XML matrices. Also, these converted to zeros in EDIs before and that was not a good solution either.


01:01 PM EMTF FCU Revision 42: One more file name character length adjustment! Now all lengthy file names should be accommodated. Or at least I hope so.
11:41 AM EMTF FCU Revision 41: Changed character length limits to allow for monstrous file names for *.zmm in USMTArray.
06:39 PM EMTF FCU Revision 40: Fixed an indexing bug that gfortran complained about. Added to remove special chars from files (these are causing to crash).


10:35 AM EMTF FCU Revision 39: This is a minor revision: fixed an example configuration script embedded in the edi2xml.f90 and z2xml.f90 codes.


01:11 PM EMTF FCU Revision 38: xml2edi updated to use DATAID (site ID) for SECTID in EDI files, instead of truncating the processing tag to 16 chars.


03:11 PM EMTF FCU Revision 37: Erroneous message in the last commit. In fact, this commit was focused on fixing the declination model as extracted from the XML lists, e.g., IGRF-13.
03:08 PM EMTF FCU Revision 36: Minor changes related to the lengthy processing tag names; these caused errors at the point of EDI file writing.

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