Derick Hess



  • PH5 (Developer, 06/04/2014)



07:33 AM PH5 Feature #541 (Resolved): Status update for PH5
07:32 AM PH5 Bug #556 (Resolved): PH5 data list
07:32 AM PH5 Feature #593 (Resolved): PH5- features
07:32 AM PH5 Support #597 (Resolved): PH5 - delete old files
07:31 AM PH5 Bug #636 (Resolved): Ph5 request data
07:31 AM PH5 Bug #693 (Resolved): Notification of PH5 upload
A data group member moved that experiment to the server by hand without using the forms or allowing the scripts to pi...


08:58 AM PH5 Bug #636: Ph5 request data
I have finally found a way to solve. the space issue. It was made particularly difficult because all the data request...


08:27 AM PH5 Bug #636: Ph5 request data
I'm in the process of rewriting some of the code as well as adding a reports tab to the interface. Look for a large u...


10:40 PM PH5 Bug #636: Ph5 request data
I suspect it had an error and hung up. I'll check it out as soon as I can. I'm in Botswana right now for the SEISORZ...


07:02 AM PH5 Feature #620: PIC-PH5 should not use anywhere in the software
I'll do a review of the source code this morning. I don't think there is anywhere in the source that uses absolute UR...

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