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11:49 AM jAmaSeis Bug #645 (Closed): The installation of jAmaSeis is finished, but some errors occurred during the install. Please see the installation log for details.
Windows (Vista) install, I did not uninstall the previous version first. Full install log attached. Error from inst...


02:37 PM jAmaSeis Bug #445 (In Progress): Help information needed
02:36 PM jAmaSeis Feature #466: Zooming - travel time computation window
We need to proceed with the changes needed to accomplish this. Please let me know if you need more specific details ...
02:34 PM jAmaSeis Bug #447 (Closed): immediate crash? (log file attached)
02:33 PM jAmaSeis Bug #451 (Resolved): error on extracting event from main screen (related to server crash?- error on 2.1.14)
02:32 PM jAmaSeis Feature #423: Supporting additional devices?
We will be adding support for a few in the near future. I will collect the required information prior.
02:26 PM jAmaSeis Bug #468 (Resolved): reported connectivity problems


05:41 PM jAmaSeis Bug #463 (Closed): password issue?
thank you.


06:28 PM jAmaSeis Bug #476: out of memory error
This was the initial contact that necessitated evaluation of this DMC station:
There have been about 5 earthquakes...
06:26 PM jAmaSeis Bug #476 (Closed): out of memory error
I just got the following error when I clicked ok after setting up a new DMC station in jamaseis on my Mac. I selecte...

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